How to get a bigger penis – does it matter for women?

how to get a bigger penis


Almost every man in the world wonders or has wondered at one point in their life about how to get a bigger penis. The size of the penis is critical in any man’s life because it directly affects their masculinity. There are several enlargement methods. They include:

Penis exercises :-

These are exercises performed to stretch the penis tissues using special devices that pull the tissue in small progressions over a prolonged period of time. The exercises strengthen the penis muscles and cause the formation of new tissue which consequently increases its mass. They increase the length, thickness and hardness of the penis. There are different types of exercises to choose from.

Squeezing :-

This entails squeezing your penis when it is fully erect. It is done using the thumb and index finger enclosed on the erect penis and then pulling towards the base. This increases blood flow to the penis and leads to it’s growth in length and width.

Weight loss :-

Another sure way of increasing the penis size is loosing weight. This is mostly effective for men who are overweight. This is because when a man is overweight, their penis tends to sink into their big belly and becomes totally useless when it comes to performing in sex. The weight loss needed can be achieved either through liposuction or a good workout regiment.

Vacuum pump :-

This is a cylindrical device that sucks the air out of your penis when you stick it in. Once the air is out more blood is drawn into the penis which makes it erect harder and larger than usual. Then you tighten up the base of the penis with a ring to ensure that the blood doesn’t flow back into your body.

Penis enlargement surgery :-

This involves going under the knife and it comes in two different methods. There is surgery to increase length and surgery to increase width. Lengthening surgery increases the length of the penis while the latter increases its width.

Holding back ejaculation :-

Holding back ejaculation during sex makes the penis grow bigger because it stretches the muscles in the penis and groin. Even though the bigger size is only shortlived up to when you ejaculate it still serves the purpose of increasing the pleasure for you and your partner.

Hydro pumps :-

These pumps use water to create a suction effect. They used during bathing and are said to create faster results than the vacuum pump. They are two popular brands of hydro pumps available in the market.

Pills :-

These are mostly pills containing hormones that increase the size of the penis. The degree of increase is different for different users. They are available in the market in different brand names.

Eating certain foods :-

This is a more natural way of increasing the penis size. Foods like bananas, dark chocolate, onions, salmon and Gingko Biloba are effective in improving blood circulation. Blood circulation has a direct effect on the size and performance of the penis.


This a recently developed and revolutionary penis enlargement method that utilises a mix of pills, enlargement exercises and an enlargement device. It is said to be highly effective because it combines the benefits of all three methods.